Jean-Claude Balu

A trainer for all reasons …

Born in France, Jean-Claude trained his first dog in 1959 while in the French Armed Forces. (Air Cav.)

A Businessman

- Owner/Trainer of “Balu Dog Training Center” since 1977, in Fontana, California;
- Owner/Founder of “Balu Academy for Dog Trainers”, since 1983
- Dog Trainer;
- Dog Behaviorist;
- Expert witness to the Court.
- As a consultant, his judgment in evaluating canines and K9 programs (dogs and handlers), is most respected.
NOTE: That the Balu Academy is the ONLY dog trainer school approved by the State of California Board of Education. It is also approved for Veterans and by the State rehabilitation program (Workmen’s comp.).

A Leader

- International Licensed Judge for Schutzhund for 20 years (Police and Protection Dog training) and Decoy;
- Training Director of D.V.G. America from 1984 through 1987 (The Training Director was the only person, in the U.S. qualified to test and certify agitators (D.V.G. is the German Association for Schutzhund and Police Dogs - all breeds);
- Involved with NASA in the early 70s;
- Founder and past President of the Alliance of the French Ring in America, the first Association of the French Ring Sport in the United States;
- Founding Member of D.V.G. America;
- Past President of DVG Western Region;
- Founding Member, President and Training Director of San Gabriel Valley Schutzhund Club, from 1976 to 1981;
- Founder, President and Training Director of  “The Inland Empire Schutzhund Group", since 1980;
- Founder and Training Director of Southern California Amicale du Ring Sport since its creation in 1985.
- 28 years experience in Schutzhund Training and Competition;
- 27 years as President and Schutzhund Decoy;
- 26 years as Club Training Director;
- 20 years as Schutzhund Judge.
- 5 years as a French Ring decoy
- And the trainer of the first French certified three Ring decoys in the USA.
- DEA Licensed.
- One of the first licensed by the State of California as a Protection Dog Operator.
A Dog Trainer
- Acquired his first “taste” of Dog Training while serving in the French Armed Forces, in 1959;
- All Breed Trainer, he is most acclaimed in the dog training field for his vast knowledge in behavior modification;
- For the dogs suited for the work, he excels at training them for Protection, Guard, Sentry, Patrol, Police, Drug and Bomb Detection, etc).
- His years as Training Director for different Clubs, be it the German Schutzhund or the French Ring Sport, have led him to work with various breeds and, for most, brought them to reach the titles they were aiming for.
- His dogs have also appeared in over 25 movies.

A Sportsman, a Competitor

Successful in the training of many breeds of dogs, Balu specializes in German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Belgian Malinois, which he raises of the highest quality.  He is also very familiar with Bouviers of which he has, from 1980 to 1987, judged most of the Bouvier des Flandres North American Championships for Police, Agility and Schutzhund phases. One of the very few American Trainers thoroughly familiar with the Belgian Shepherd, he won the North American Ring Championship in 1988 and 1990 with two different Belgians, one of them, earning the title of “TOP DOG” for the U.S. in 1992 in Schutzhund III, and the U.B.S.D.A. SchH III Championship in 1992 and 1993.  He also won the U.S. Nationals for Belgian Shepherds in 1992, 1993, 1996, 1998/1999.
Member of the U.S. Team to the World Championship in 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998.

Among is best achievements, let’s mention:

- 41 new Schutzhund titles (NO REPEATS), including 4 FH, with Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Tervueren and Malinois;
- Trained one dog (Tervueren) completely up to French Ring III, culminating with the title of 1988 North American Ring Champion, then retrained him for Schutzhund, earning a SchH III “excellent”, an IPO III “excellent” and a FH and SchH III Top Dog for 1992 ( 291.3 pts. Avg).
- One Rottweiler to SchH III then retrained the same dog to French Ring I.
- Trained several more dogs to the French Brevet or Ring 1.
- Won the 1990 North American French Ring Championship with a Malinois.
- Was the top Schutzhund III rottweiler team in the US in 1985.
- Earned several AKC titles (Championship and Tracking Degrees) Sparta Nibelung, Ecco and Iris du Chenil de France, Athos des Bois de la Thur ;
- Earned several Mexican titles (Conformation and Tracking) with 3 different breeds of Dogs (GSD Mex. Ch. Sparta Nibelung also achieved her Mex. Tracking Degree; Malinois Amer/Mex. Ch. Ecco du Chenil de France and 4 CACIBs; Groenendal Mex. Ch.  Brage V. Siegestor.
- In AKC he has earned not only several breed championships (with four different breeds), but competed in Obedience as well, earning several CD and CDX.  He has been selected in the California TOP DOG TEAM competition at least twice. (In 1974 and 1975).
- One of his stud dogs earned a Conformation Championship (Beauty) in AKC and two months later won the North American French Ring III Grand Championship. (Athos);
- Earned an AKC tracking degree with a seven 7 month old GSD female (Briska). The youngest, at the time, to achieve that feat;
- The only Ring III dog to obtain a SchH III afterward. In the U.S.);
- The only Dog to go from Schutzhund III to obtain a French Ring I title (Rott.  Banja).
Other achievements:
- Training director and decoy for: (All in the U.S.)
- The first Bouvier to obtain a SchH I and II.
- The ONLY Doberman Am. and Can. Champion to obtain a SchH 1.
- The first Great Dane to obtain a SchH I.
- The only two Mastiffs to obtain a Schutzhund title
His success in Competition Dog Training have earned him the “Grand Gold Medal with Wreath”, the highest award by the Kennel Club of Germany and, to date, the only one presented to an American Citizen.

A Teacher

From the simplest step of Basic Obedience, up to the more complex and, by so many, still misconceived Scent Work in which he excels, Jean-Claude Balu’s program includes: Personal Protection, Plant Security Dogs, Police Dogs, Patrol Dogs, Schutzhund, French Ring Sport, Narcotic Detection, Patrol and Detectors Dogs for the Department of Defense (D.O.D.), along with his School for Trainers that open its doors in 1983, Balu is also active in the Motion Picture Industry and his dogs have appeared in over twenty five movies, as well as on T.V.

Several of the dogs he has personally trained - many from his own breeding stock - have been purchased by Police Departments and have, by their performances, proven the quality of Balu’s work Montebello, El Monte, Pasadena, Imperial, Clallam County WA, Lodi PD, Redlands PD, Sacramento PD, Eureka PD, Shelby County TN, Memphis PD, etc.

His Sportsman high competitive spirit and combativeness have transferred to more serious professional aspect of canine training and Balu always aims for perfection, be it on the field or ;in the classroom.  He spares no effort and withdraws no secret to instill into his students all aspect of his profession.  The thoroughness of his teaching truly reflects the caliber of his erudition.

His travels to conduct seminars, not only on training, but on animal behavior and dog psychology as well, have taken him all over the U.S., in Canada and Mexico.

LECTURER: to various companies and associations employees ( Post Office, Edison Co., Animal Control. ) on how to understand aggressive dogs and survive without injuries.

A Dog Breeder

Over twenty five years in the breeding and raising of different breeds have culminated in several championships, in Conformation as well as Working Titles. Puppies which have been EXPORTED all over the Americas.
Very recently:
He is the breeder of the 1999 French Ring III Champion : Fabri du Chenil de France (Malinois)
And also the breeder of the (Malinois) 2000 Best of Breed at the National Specialty (National Champion).
One of his Malinois female beat the dog that won twice BoB  at the famous Westminster show.
His stud Virus has sired the 1999 and 2000 DVG Schutzhund Champion.

FCI World Championship, 1993 - Belgium
The U.S. Team. Jean-Claude Balu, Team Captain, and "Kim".

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